If it is "Gion festival" rejoice stay, it is in front of the hotel!

  • 07/04/2018
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If it is
If you stay at Kyoto Hotel, Rejoice Stay Kyoto Karasuma Oikei, you can enjoy the Gion Festival in front of the hotel.

What is the Gion Festival?

It is held at the festival of Yasaka Shrine over the course of 1 month from July 1st (Yoshinobu) to 31st (Funakoshi Summer Festival) every year.

It is widely known for being one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, a long history of its history, a large scale that festivals can be felt over almost a month.

Actually, Rejoice Stay is the place where everything is going through this Gion Festival's visit.

If your room faces the Karasuma Oike top on the top floor, you can view Yamahori cruise in your room !

If you stay a night at Rejoice Stay, you can enjoy luxurious time to enjoy Yamahori cruise in a cool room and drink on a stall at night.


The main events of the Gion Festival held over a month are posted on the website of Kyoto Municipal Tourism Association in detail.

Through the eyes of Rejoice Stay,
Pre-festival July 14 - 16 (Saki Festival) Yaoyama
July 17 It will be the day of Yamahori cruise · Priest festival (Saki Festival) cruise

Pre-festival (Saki Festival) In Yaoyama, at each Yamaboko, there are dozens of lanterns ignited at night, and Gion musicians are playing lively. (The pedestrian paradise of Shijo-Dori and Karasuma is only scheduled for 15th and 16th.)

In Yamahori Festival · Priest Festival (Saki Festival) cruise, 23 sprues will depart Shijo Karasuma 9 am.
Shijo Karasuma (9:00 AM) → Shijo Kawaramachi (9: 35) → Kawaramachi Oike (10: 20) → Shinmachi Oike (11: 20)

The last opportunity is Yamahori Rubbing · After Festival (After Matsuri) Cruising!

There is a chance to enjoy the cruise in front of the rejoice stay once more,
It is cruise to Yamahori Race Festival (After Matsuri) on July 24th.

9:30 am Depart from the Karasuma Oike at 10 Yamaboko.
Karasuma Oike (9:30 am) → Kawaramachi Oike (10: 00) → Shijo Kawaramachi (10: 40) → Shijo Karasuma (11: 20)